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What Our Clients Think

We came to Adamo looking for a ranch style home which they had available but it didn't quite fit our needs, luckily they had property available to build on and they built us a custom home. They listened to everything we needed and wanted. The process was fantastic, we spoke just about every week with updates, construction designs etc... Finally our home was done, and we can't say enough for the fine quality of our home, the colors, the detail, everything was perfect. Adamo went above and beyond our expectations in creating this home for us, they considered every aspect of our needs and wants, I just can't say enough good things. Trust me when I say we are picky people, our last new home did not meet our expectations. Prior to coming to Adamo we went to every builder in Castle Rock and Castle Pines, and none of the other builders were willing to customize the home to our needs. We highly recommend Adamo. They have the most caring staff and the best part was they listened to every detail and got it right and the quality is outstanding.

-Denise M.

"Adamo Homes has been a real pleasure to work with. We have never built a custom home before and the team at Adamo made it a great experience. Too bad we won't do it again, because Adamo built for us our FOREVER home. We could not be happier, the home is beautiful, - and the service continues after our move in.
Everyone we had contact with at Adamo- including their vendors and construction crews- were trustworthy and kind.
Thank you, Adamo, we highly recommend you!"

-Sue C.

"We bought one of the 11 “Rooftops at the Meadows” homes in Castle Rock. This house is truly amazing! We love everything about it - from the floor plan and design elements to the final fit and finish. As with any new home there have been a few cosmetic issues that needed to be completed after closing, but Gary and his team have been outstanding in their customer service and professionalism. We look forward to many happy years in this home - enjoying the quality and the incredible view from our rooftop terrace. Thanks Adamo!"

-Dustin D.

"We were very pleased with our experience working with Adamo to build our home, and we LOVE the finished product! Adamo worked tirelessly to finish our home quickly after several months of delay waiting for permitting from the city to go through. We initially chose Adamo because of the quality and high-level standard options we saw in the model, and we have not been disappointed! Adamo was, and continues to be, very responsive regarding any questions, concerns or needs we have. We highly recommend Adamo Homes, and we are so grateful we chose them as our builder. Their Small Batch Home experience is straightforward, personal and top-notch!"

-Jennifer F.

"I worked with Adamo on a semi-custom home in the Meadows. From the beginning the team was a breath of fresh air. Unlike many of the other builders I met with, Adamo's team was responsive, knowledgeable, and made me a part of the process. We are delighted with home that was delivered, and would definitely work with Adamo again in the future."

-Sean M.

"My husband and I moved to Castle Rock from Denver and we were looking for a modern home that has all the bells and whistles while still being practical for a family. We had built a house in the past and the experience we had with that “other” builder compared to the experience with Adamo is unparalleled! We are SO glad we found Adamo - they truly are the best in the business! They were so flexible with us throughout the process making sure we were getting exactly what we were hoping for in our new home. The entire staff at Adamo is some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They answered all of our questions throughout the build to make sure we were in the loop on each step of the way. We got text messages with photos every other week or so showing us all of the exciting progress! Additionally, when it was time for tough decision making (and there are A LOT of decisions to make in a new build!) the Adamo staff made us feel at ease that we were making the right choices with their helpful guidance. We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience with Adamo and would personally recommend Adamo to anyone we know! We will definitely be using them again in the future!"

-Bethany W.

"This is the first home Shelly and I built. We have remodeled several homes but never built one. Everyone told us that building a home is very challenging. Well our experience with Adamo homes was a pleasure from day one. It wasn’t perfect with a few minor issues but nothing the Adamo team couldn’t address. They were on top of all the details. Thank you Adamo team. We love our new home!"

-Mark B.

"I love our home and am happy with our experience with Adamo Homes. Our house is well built, high quality, and beautiful. This was my first time to go through the building process and the team at Adamo was friendly, organized, and timely. On may occasions they put in extra time to ensure we were happy with all elements of the process and design of our home. I appreciate that Adamo took no short cuts with our home. We would definitely build with them again."

-Lauren A.

"My wife and I purchased our home through Adamo Homes in 2018. We had such an amazing experience. Everyone we worked with was knowledgeable and professional and treated our family like family. We love the quality of our home as well as the unique features we were able to pick out for our small batch home. We are constantly get compliments when friends and family visit.iate that Adamo took no short cuts with our home. We would definitely build with them again."

-Jeremy B.

"Fantastic experience all around. My wife and I moved here from California, where we've each owned homes, and we both agree that this house is by far the coolest place we've ever lived in. After we put our good faith deposit in, the staff at Adamo (Primarily Drew, Ashlee and Greg) kept us up to date with pictures and videos of construction. They were swift in answering questions/concerns I had, and were flexible doing some walkthroughs over Facetime when we couldn't fly out.

We've been living in the house for a little over a month, and the construction manager, Gary, has been doing a tireless job noting the mistakes we've found and following up to fix them in a timely manner. I know we're still under the warranty so that's part of the deal, but I'm surprised at some of the negative reviews I see here. I understand the onus will soon fall completely on us to maintain this beautiful home, but I knew that coming into the game. And for what its worth, we've only found really small things.

Gary, Drew, Ashlee and Greg are people I would high five if I saw them in the grocery store years from now. Customer service has been great. The house rocks. We've had nothing short of a really stellar experience with Adamo."

-Chris V.

"My wife and I started shopping around for a new builder in the Castle Rock area by the end of 2016. We had whittled that last down to two builders - one of those was Adamo. We liked the small batch customization options that were available, as well as the floor plans and interior/exterior customization options.

The staff was incredibly helpful and responsive to our many questions as we began the process. Being in Baghdad for almost the entire duration, they were understanding in the time-delay, and often times responded to my emails well after closing time in the U.S. They worked with my wife and I every step of the way, including us in all milestones as they worked to construct our dream home.

We probably visited our in-progress house as it was being built seven or eight times, and Adamo was there each time to walk us through the new additions and the next steps - including many Skype video walkthroughs I was party to 9,200 miles away! Ashlee, Andrew, and Danielle did an excellent job in keeping things organized, timely, and keeping us in the loop for the entire build.

We had chosen a ranch style home because of the failing health of our wolf hybrid named Storm. He passed away a few months before we finished the home, and so the Adamo team allowed us to bury a memorial to him in the foundation of the home so that he is forever with us and part of the home we were building partly for him. The lengths Adamo went to to accommodate our many odd requests was met with excitement found nowhere else, and we are forever thankful for them. We are so glad for choosing Adamo in building our dream home, and thankful for the friends we made along the way.

Also, the structural integrity and craftsmanship are excellent and we have found no issues with anything having been in our house for seven months now. We had a small leak on an exterior pipe for our backyard irrigation system that was fixed less than 40 minutes after letting Jeff know. Very satisfied with our home!"

-Matt M.

We love our home! It's apparant that a lot of thought goes into the design and build. High end finishes standard and lots of character. This is the 8th home that I have owned and 3rd new build. Our home was one of approx 6 custom builds that were all completed around the same time frame, so expectedly, there were some delays and hiccups....nothing that wasn't taken care of by them though. Very responsive to any concerns I've had and still a couple items that we discussed in the one year walk through that I just need to get scheduled with them....but that's my bad for not scheduling. I can honestly say though, they have been the best guys I've ever worked with. If you expect emaculate perfection....Good luck, because that wont even happen on a $20M home....always will be a punch list. But what a nice first-world problem to have. Buy from these guys.....they're good guys.

-Mark J.