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Featured Home: Rooftops at the Meadows

Semi-Custom Home Feature

I’ve always been drawn to cities. There’s just something that enamors me about their greatness and grandeur, the sense that something bigger is going on around me.  When I moved from the city of Chicago to the mountains of Colorado eight years ago, I found myself building a life in the middle of a different sort of greatness.

I left the tall, steel sky scrapers and the city’s “L”, used by ambitious city dwellers to shuttle to and from their respective destinations.  In contrast, Castle Rock, Colorado gifted me a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains and a freight train that runs through the city center.  Much to my surprise and delight, I have found that it is perfectly acceptable to indulge my love for both—the big city and the small town.  But, perhaps, the best case scenario is a beautiful marriage of the two. 

Last week, I walked the floor plan of a newly designed and completed Meadows Rooftop home, and I became almost embarrassingly giddy at the realization that Adamo Homes has done just this.  With the design of these modern Meadows homes, they have taken a piece of the city and they’ve brought it to Castle Rock. Not in a gaudy or showy kind of way that sets these new builds apart from their suburban surroundings but rather, like a missing puzzle piece that finds its home on a larger piece of art, Adamo has designed 11 homes, art work if you may, that complements the feel and growth of The Meadows Community in a way that leaves you excited to see what’s on the horizon for this growing company.  

I was thrilled to walk one of these newly finished homes with Adamo’s own Andrew Summersett.  Andrew explained that the vision for these homes first came after a trip to Denver.  “We took a drive to the city to get some inspiration, and we realized that in Castle Rock there just wasn’t anything like this.  The rooftop homes you find in in Denver are one of a kind, and we wanted to bring something this unique to Castle Rock.”

Adamo has delivered 11 truly small batch rooftop homes.  Each home has been designed with modern architecture and clean lines, 3 stories with the option for up to 5 bedrooms, plus a 3-car tandem garage. The homes themselves boast bright and airy open concept living and a stunning kitchen with the option for upgraded amenities.  My favorite part of the kitchen was the built-in coffee bar.  And, for the mom in me that loves the simple solutions to life’s biggest inconveniences, the optional home owner's appliance charging station in the pantry was brilliant.  Glory be!  

This home had a mudroom and a wine room. Because, when it's small batch, why not?  Another one of my favorite “small” details was the office with its large walk in closet, oversized windows to let in plenty of natural light and a 90 square foot deck for those days when you just need some Colorado air as a reprieve from your work load.  And, for all of you Joanna Gaines enthusiasts out there, yes—Adamo has even included some barn doors into the mix of design, and they’re calling it “Blue Jean Elegant.”

If that doesn't impress, the crowning glory of these homes are the rooftop decks.  You'e gifted with sweeping views of Castle Rock to the east, and the Rocky Mountains to the west.  Prospective homeowners also have the option for a hot tub and fire pit on their private rooftop.  I died a little inside the first time I stepped onto this roof top deck, friends.   In the coming weeks we’ll re-visit these rooftop Meadows homes because truly, I could boast about how lovely these homes are all day.  And, I’m thrilled to share with you that these 11 are just the first of many to come.  Anticipated 2019/2020, Adamo Homes plans to break ground on the first of what will be another 50 + homes that mirror the design and architecture of this first batch of goodness. 

In an upcoming post, I’ll share a closer look at some small batch design details that set these rooftop deck homes apart from other new builds.  If you, or someone you know, would love to follow along, please direct them our way! 

Want more information? Contact Andrew Summersett at (303) 886-9587 or

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