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The beginning of Fall may leave some of you thinking that your gardening days are over.  We can assure you, they are not.  Whether you want to grow vegetables or flowers, duplicating mother nature indoors isn’t as difficult as you might imagine.  There are different types of indoor gardens: container gardens, hydroponic gardens or vertical gardens. Container gardens are a good option if you may want to rearrange your plants, or eventually move them outdoors. Hydroponic gardens are prime for someone who wants to produce a lot of plants in a small space. These are typically used for growing vegetables.  But today we are going to focus on the vertical garden, suitable for any type of plants.

Vertical gardens are as stunning visually as they are beneficial, not only do they generate oxygen but they can provide adequate wall coverage to cut thermal energy costs. If this is something you’re interested in having, Adamo Homes has you covered.  Various kinds of vertical gardens are used for different plants.  Deciding what you want to grow first is important, as it may impact the type of vertical garden required.  There are pocket gardens, hanging planters and pallet gardens. If you are choosing to plant flowers over vegetables or herbs, any of the previously mentioned styles can be designed for you.  Or another option is a flower tower, a free-standing vertical garden without the need for a wall. Not all plants are well suited to indoor life, some will flourish while others can struggle.  Disease-resistant, hardy plants are best. See chart below for some popular plants to grow indoors.

Wall or no wall, placing your vertical garden in the optimal location within your home is key to its success.  We will work with you to find the perfect installation space.  Plants that get between 10-16 hours of sunlight a day, depending on the specific plant needs, fare best. Adamo Homes’ homes are built using Cascade, low-e, argon-filled high efficiency windows. These allow about 71% of visible light to pass through. Going hand in hand with sunlight and location, is the temperature.  The more insulated your indoor garden, the easier it will be to grow. Plants grow best between 65-75 degrees F. Good insulation means happier plants.  We build with 2x6s placed 24’’ apart, which leaves more space for insulation, as well as increases the R-value of the wall.  Adamo Homes proudly has R21 exterior wall insulation.

What does that really mean?  It means that you’re already ahead of the game for your vertical garden. Let us help you choose the right fit for your growing desires and customize it. The possibilities are endless to make the perfect vertical garden for you. From start to finish, this is a great family activity, with something for every member of the family to do and learn from. 


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