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FOLLOW THE BUILD - October 11, 2019

Check out our progress at Adamo Homes with this biweekly update. From our spec homes to our semi-custom and full custom homes, there is a lot of action happening.


Fox Hill: Lot 26 

At Lot 26, cabinets are in progress and WOW check them out! The wood grain and lovely color scheme are coming together effortlessly. 


Fox Hill: Lot 27

 We are in the final steps of this gorgeous home as the appliances are installed. Now we focus on this home's "punch list" so we can present an immaculate home to our homeowners. 


Castlewood Ranch - 6802 Groveton: 

This week we knock out interior work! I love this step of the homebuilding process because we get to see design and detail coming together to fulfill a homeowner's creative vision.


Inspiration Point - Lot 9

At Inspiration Point (Lot 9) framing is in well on its way! It never gets old seeing a design on paper transform into a 3D home.


Greystone Towns

Our Townhomes are making progress - damp proofing and footers are complete! Damp proofing is a critical step in the homebuilding process to protect your home from water damage as it prevents moisture from passing into the interior spacing.

Check back in every other Friday for more updates!

Want more info? Call us at 303.877.4980

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