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FOLLOW THE BUILD - November 5, 2021

Check out our progress at Adamo Homes with this biweekly update. From our spec homes to our semi-custom and full custom homes, there is a lot of action happening! 


6832 Balsamroot:

No one said building was easy but introduce a broken supply chain, cargo ships sitting in bays, and extended lead items in almost every area…it takes a good team to keep the home going!

We’ve built this home with temporary electric, buckets of water ferried from kind neighbors, and rented heaters until this week. This week - with much fanfare and dancing - we were able to get power and turn the lights on for the first time! This is when trades and materials move quickly as we get into the finishing touches and closer to closing. Hold onto your hats because this home will blow you away when it’s finished!


Keene Ranch -Outbuilding:

As the weather starts changing here in Colorado, we gear up for winter building practices and our focus is to get homes weather-tight. This outbuilding is about a week away from rough inspections - think plumbing, mechanical, electrical- before we can then start insulation.


Copper Blush Ct:

5191 - Final inspections are scheduled, and then we are off to our final punch to make sure the house is ready to close!

5192 - Electricians are working to finalize the last few electrical items, insulation is going in, and we will begin tiling the roof next week.

For more information, please contact Liz King -


Remuda Ranch - Lot 99:

This is one of our Spec Homes at Remuda Ranch, and I can not even describe the kind of views this home has to offer, the are incredible! This week - we finished up the exterior of the home with the pouring of the side walk and rear patio, and wrapped up with the finishing touches of masonry. We are working on the deck that is right off of the 2nd floor Master where you can sip your coffee and enjoy beautiful Colorado views. As far as the interior goes, we are prepping to begin interior paint next week.

For more information on this home please contact Dean Amann: 303.870.9865


Check back in every other Friday for more updates!

Want more info? Call us at 303.877.4980

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