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Follow the Build - June 2nd, 2023

Check out our progress at Adamo Homes - From our spec homes to our semi-custom and full custom homes, there is a lot of action happening! 


Steven's Ranch - Lot 6:

We have the trim carpenters working on some of the customized interior items in this home! The exterior is being painted and we are working with a landscaping crew on the retaining walls.


The Village at Castle Pines - Lot 47:

This week, windows are being installed, HVAC has started, and we have completed framing the basement.


Remuda Ranch - Lot 9:

We are working on completing interior Trim and the exterior siding.


Grandwood Ranch - Lot 22:

There is a lot happening over the next 45 days as we bring this home to completion! Countertops and cabinets are being installed and we are working on painting the exterior of the home. Check out that tile and custom closet!!



While drywall is being hung on the interior we are chipping away at the exterior -stucco soon to be up and complete, and the installation of the roof tile is underway.


Stage Station - Lot 21:

Foundation walls are poured, inspections are taking place, and backfill is around the corner!


Check back in for more updates!

Want more info? Call us at 303.877.4980

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