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FOLLOW THE BUILD - August 14, 2020

Check out our progress at Adamo Homes with this biweekly update. From our spec homes to our semi-custom and full custom homes, there is a lot of action happening! 


Steven's Ranch - Lot 2

This home sits on such a beautiful lot with gorgeous views of the front range. We wanted to make sure the home was placed, and angled JUST right on the lot to capture the best of that land! Anyway, this week we are working on electrical and have completed the Tyvek wrapping.


Steven's Ranch- Lot 5

This home is wrapped to protect it from weather and electrical is in the works!


Holy Cross

The exterior of the home is in progress and the decorative retaining wall is almost complete. Insulation is done, so we will start hanging drywall next week! This home is moving along and we can't wait to show you the interior selections of this home! :)


5188 Copper Blush

We are working on a few punch out items, but this home is about wrapped up and is ready for a homeowner. We love every detail that was sought out and implemented in this home. It sure is a beauty!

Check back in every other Friday for more updates!

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