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FOLLOW THE BUILD - September 13, 2019

Check out our progress at Adamo Homes with this biweekly update. From our spec homes to our semi-custom and full custom homes, there is a lot of action happening.


Fox Hill: Lot 27

This week at Fox Hill, Lot 27- we focused on interior finishes- installing the laminate which looks like real hardwood flooring (How awesome is that!!?). This homeowner wanted an outbuilding (middle image) as a dedicated space for ATV's, but mainly as a hang out space for the guys! I think the correct terminology to describe that would be a man cave! 


Fox Hill: Lot 26

Its so fun to see Lot 26 & Lot 27 side by side, having the same exact floor plan but different elevations and how vastly that can change the look of a home. Which elevation do you like more? At Lot 26, we have completed the stucco installation, and moved to the interior of the home to focus on wall texture! 


Castlewood Ranch - 6824 Groveton: 

We have completed weather wrap to prevent from weather damage, windows are installed, and roofing is complete! 


Castlewood Ranch-6870 Groveton:

 New home in progress! Foundation footers have been poured and complete, next comes foundation walls! 


Tessa Messa:

The search for great room beams has ended! After a few different suppliers and materials, we found a company in Denver, Reclaimed Design Works, that supplies these beauties. Whether you want solid wood or prefer a boxed beam (hollow insides reduce weight concerns and make it easy to make cuts for light fixtures), these accent pieces are what bring intrigue and warmth to a home. Locations and measurements of the beams are located and measured! 

Check back in every other Friday for more updates!

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