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Hiking and bike riding are Coloradan pastimes, and the Cottonwood Creek Trail offers a great chance for just about anyone to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The path is just under 4 miles in length and runs east-west. It does cross some roads, and in some cases you'll need to wait at a crosswalk, but the thing that we liked most about Cottonwood Creek Trail is the trail surface.

The trail is comprised of wide and smooth cement in some places. In others, it's a wide and smooth stone surface. Either way there's much less concern about getting tripped up on large rocks and protruding roots. Also, cyclists of various capabilities can enjoy it together. It is great for when family is visiting and want to get outside, but aren't looking for an adventure. There are many other ways to easily see the beauty of Colorado from a car if you don't want the dirt and grime or hiking or mountain biking. If you're inclined to avoid that dirty work, this is a good way to keep your blood flowing.

Just a few miles from our homes at The Farm, Cottonwood Creek offers a chance to be outside and get in a few miles hiking or biking. COSpringsTrails.com offers up some more info on the trail including where to start, and photos of a trip.

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