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To be a craftsman is to be a person who is skilled in a particular craft. We in home building are lucky enough to belong to a trade that most defer to when discussing craftspeople, but in reality there are many other kinds of craftsmen working to perfect their own individual artistry every day. True craftsmen come in all shapes and sizes. Always creating, improving, shaping, molding and building. And so, as part of our effort to give credit to artisans who are constantly working to make their own unique, small batch mark on the world, we'll be sharing a series of Small Batch Stories on the Adamo blog.

This week's #SmallBatch artisan comes to us from Mission Coffee Roasters in Colorado Springs. Founded and operated by Brett Bixler, Mission Roasters is serving up small batch craftsmanship one cup of delicious, locally roasted coffee at a time. We had the pleasure of partnering with Brett on some signature Adamo Homes Coffee recently, and had to ask him a few questions before we left. Here's this craftsman's take on delivering a small batch experience to customers each and every day.

Q & A with Brett Bixler:

Adamo Misson Roasters Coffee

Brett, tell us what being "Small Batch" means to you?

Small batch means being close enough to the process that you can assure quality all of the time.

How important is it for you to bring an artisan approach to coffee at Mission Roasters?

It is the reason that almost daily, guests come in and say they used to go to Starbucks but now they only come to Mission Coffee because we are so much better.  That said, while it’s true, we fresh roast our coffee in front of the guest (and it is delicious), there is more to our success.  Like with Adamo Homes, it’s really the team that works here that makes Mission Coffee so wonderful. They work hard to make the guest's day, every visit.  My job is simply to make sure our team has the tools they need; great coffee, excellent ingredients, top of range brewing equipment, and a gorgeous coffeehouse built with recycled old growth redwood.

How does "Small Batch" come to life at Mission?

Every bag of our in house roasted coffee is small batch – roasted right here in front of the guest – by hand – under the watchful care of myself or one of the other passionate team members – and really every thing we do could be classed as small batch.  We are obsessed with quality.  Come watch us roast your coffee and take home a bag to brew.

Tell us about the importance of creating and keeping great relationships with customers in a small business like yours?

We realized when we started in the specialty coffee trade in 1991 that people like to do business with people, and that people value strong relationships in their lives.  Quality oriented coffeehouses like Mission Coffee exist fundamentally at their core to foster those relationships and to encourage the development of authentic community.  Good coffee is only part of that equation.  We work, one cup at a time, to develop and nurture relationships that lead to a stronger community overall.

What is it you like about doing business with Adamo? 

So far it’s the people.  The team from Adamo are members of the local community here.  They are regulars at Mission Coffee Roasters and often meet at our large café table or sometimes upstairs in our co-working and meeting space above the cafe.  It is one local businesses working with another.  More fundamentally though, it’s local people working with local people.

Any thoughts on the concept of "Small Batch Home building?

Buy local, buy quality, and within the community that you live, or wish to live.  Avoid big national companies whenever possible.  And, remember that in seeking out quality focused locally owned businesses, you are investing in people, your community, and in the end…yourself.


About Brett Bixler & Mission Coffee Roasters:

Brett Bixler, the founder of Mission Coffee Roasters worked for Martin Diedrich and Don Holly from 1991 to 1996 at Diedrich Coffee in Southern California.  Most recently Brett owned a coffee business that roasted coffee for Whole Foods Markets and Wegmans on the east coast.  He moved to Colorado and opened Mission Coffee Roasters, a part of the Colorado Springs community.  His apprenticeship at Diedrich Coffee exposed him to the heritage of a multi generation coffee farming  family who also manufactured coffee roasting equipment, and operated community based coffeehouses. 




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