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Meet Mil Younkers, Co Founder of Adamo Homes! 

How did you get your start in home building?

I graduated from college and began working for my father-in-law at Craig Homes in 1990.  His father started Craig Homes in the 1950s, building primarily in Denver and the West Side of town.  We built several homes a year and he taught me home building and the business from the ground up.


What prompted you to leave national home building?

In 2007, there was a downturn coming that everyone could sense.  I left to pursue re-starting the family business, Craig Homes, and focused on high-end renovations for the next 3-4 years.


What is your role for Adamo and what does that entail?

I manage the customer experience through the custom home building journey.  I work with clients on architectural design, specifications, and selections, as well as with our construction team to deliver a finished home.


What is your favorite part of the custom build process?

I enjoy seeing the plans come to life when the home is framed onsite. All the decisions with regards to site orientation, proportion, and scale come to life when the home is finally a structure.


How does the Custom build (Personal Batch) process differ from the building of Small Batch homes?

It’s primarily the same process aside from more frequent client involvement and typically a custom architectural plan. We have the ability to call time-outs to rethink certain things as the home takes shape. This usually presents itself in detailing built-ins, interior masonry application, and specific lighting needs identified during the frame walk together.


Do you have a favorite home that you’ve designed?

Currently, my favorite home design (soon to be built) is 3520 Castle Butte Drive. This home is designed around entertaining and encompasses a huge cooking kitchen, amazing views from the great room, garage parking for 13 vehicles, and some secrets that you will have to see when it all comes together.


What’s been the most challenging feature of a home that you’ve had to create?

The biggest challenge in designing a home with a client is keeping reality in check with regard to what they want in their home vs. what their actual budget allows. This is a fine line to walk as clients tend to have watched a lot of HGTV or other design programs and have a hard time crossing that experience over to affordability.


What has been your most memorable milestone with Adamo so far?

 The milestone that stands out to me the most is delivering the company’s first home in Chateau Ridge in 2011.  That achievement made all the behind-the-scenes work in setting up the foundational relationships, systems, and processes that Adamo would be built on very meaningful. We had an uphill battle to establish ourselves as a new builder in Castle Pines Village when many had failed due to the downturn of the mid-2000’s.  Building credibility in Castle Pines was the catalyst for Adamo to build to a position in Douglas County to be recognized as a premier Small Batch builder.

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