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by Brittany Baker


 Dean and Alicyn Amann

It is always a highlight of mine to sit down with someone who has taken a near life-long dream and turned it into a tangible reality.  On a chilly October day, I sat down with Dean Amann, co-founder of Adamo Homes, to discuss his dream for the founding of Adamo and the heart behind the vision of the company.  In what could be described as a “pinch me” moment, I realized during our interview that we were talking dreams and passion from right inside the living room of Adamo’s very first build. Talk about a dream coming to life!


  • How did you get your start in home building?

 Homebuilding has been my life since 1980.  All of my siblings and I worked at the local hardware store growing up.  At 16 years old, I began framing houses in Michigan. I also re-roofed rentals throughout high school and college.  After I graduated from Taylor University in Indiana, my wife Alicyn and I moved to Florida.  I spent the next 10 years working with national homebuilders. Construction, sales, and land – I worked through every position within each area. When I finished my time in national homebuilding, I was a COO with a public company in Pennsylvania. I’d worked in 14 states, built over 15,000 homes in 300 communities, developed 10,000 lots, and delivered over 7 billion in revenue. At one time, I managed up to 900 employees; it was time to start something new.


  • When did you first start to dream about Adamo?

 Within 10 years of starting in homebuilding, I knew that I wanted to do something different. Alicyn and I talked about leaving the national arena when I turned 55 years old.  Real life progressed and because of a number of factors, I was able to turn the dream into a reality at 49 years old.


  • Is Adamo now what you envisioned back then?

I Initially thought we would build about 10 homes a year.  The foundation of the dream for us (my wife and I, and our co-founders), has always been that relationships matter first and that our homes would be characterized by quality craftsmanship that proved itself in the end product.  We want our customer to be able to say, “That’s the home that I dreamt of.”  That’s the goal at the end; how you get there is all about the process and the people involved.  We’re constantly redefining that process to deliver the home our homebuyers dreamt of — above all, we believe that vibrant, strong relationships matter.


  • What is the story behind the name Adamo?

There are two parts to the story. My business partner Mil Younkers and his wife, and my wife and myself, started thinking about this company in 2011. 

Mil and Angela had just returned from Montepulciano, Italy. While on their trip, they walked the cobblestone streets of Italy to a quaint wine shop.  They stumbled upon a tasting presentation, where an 84-year-old man at the front of the shop proudly cradled a bottle of wine, telling the crowd that his two passions in life were beautiful women and fine wine. Inspired by his love for his craft, Mil and Angela Younkers were surprised and delighted to learn his name was Adamo.

At the same time, my wife and I were throwing around ideas of incorporating our names into the company. We had rearranged the first letters of our names to Adam, but it didn’t have that spark we wanted. When Mil told us his story, we knew that craftsmanship and passion had to be at the forefront of our story.  Adamo was our inspiration.  The “O” came to symbolize the “others” who were connected to the company – the homeowners, the employees, the vendors, and future relationships down the road.


  • What has been your most memorable milestone for your company so far?

The next contract, the next closing, creating a new floor plan – those are all memorable milestones. Adamo's identity is rooted in hope and the creative process of developing a home for a family.  I don’t want to miss the ones along the way.  The milestone is the next one – that somehow we do it a little bit better, somehow we are a little bit more thoughtful.  Or, we tested something and had the courage for it not to work.  And that’s okay too.  What we’re learning about this journey of building homes for families is so powerful.  The milestone is always going to be the next one that makes us dream.  I want our company to be filled with dreamers. 

I don’t look at yesterday or even today that often. When a new community launches, when Steven’s Ranch is real, or the modern product that we designed comes to life, those are the moments that I look forward to, that I work everyday to make a reality. We dreamt about it, we worked our way through the process of it, we engineered it, we constructed it, we learned from it, and now you’re living in it – those are all really good milestones. (Sidenote: My husband and I are proud new owners of our own Adamo Home). 


  • Do you have a favorite floorplan?

It’s funny because at different times it changes.  I think the thing we’ve done really well is keeping the scale of the home right in the 3,000-square foot (plus or minus) and really pushing ourselves to build a better home rather than a bigger home.  If you ask, “What am I surprised by?”  I’m surprised by how people have adapted their homes to their interest in so many ways that I wouldn’t have anticipated.  Whether it’s an art studio, a craft room, or master suite, our home owners leave their figurative fingerprints on the house. Once they move into their new home, their personality takes over that space. That’s the highest compliment we can get as a builder - they’ve taken something that we’ve given them and made it better.


  • How do you name the house plans for your homes?

Our homes are named after musicians and we like to connect with our customers over what music fits their personality.  I love to see what music does for people.  That 80’s, 70’s, 60’s generation rock…. We mentioned this to our marketing team in a creative session and they took it and ran with it.  They said, “Why don’t we use band names for the homes?” Eventually my vision is that as our little office grows, we will invite everyone in our office to bring their favorite band from that era and we will build a whole wall with rock n’ roll albums.  When customers come in, we will ask them, “What would be your band?” We’ll send someone down to the vintage store and we will put their band on the wall.  

Anyone who knows me knows that the band Chicago-- any album, don’t care which one-- that would be my number one album that would go on the wall.  I think that’s vibrant and that’s fun. That’s a great conversation when you talk to people and you respect them enough to put up the album that they said they care about. 


  • Where do you see Adamo Homes in the next 10 years?

The main thing is that we as a company are intentional about delivering the home that the customer has dreamt of. That piece is not about a number – it’s more fluid than that. We desire to get to the process that delivers the home that the customer wanted. 

Over the next 10 years, if we have gotten better every year at delivering a better home, that’s worth it. 


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