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We often spend much of our time decorating the interior of our homes in an effort to express who we are as an individual and as a family. But the exterior can say just as much. If you are one of the 63 million Americans who moved into a newer community or planned development, it’s important to remember your HOA’s rules and regulations. While you may not be able to paint your front door in stripes, you can add spots of personality to make your home’s exterior and entrance truly yours.

It is the first thing people see when coming to your house. What does your home’s entrance say about you? Exactly how welcoming is your welcome mat? I bet that’s not a question you often ask yourself, so if it’s been a while go take a step out your front door. Go ahead! I’ll wait for you to come back.

Check it out? Okay, good.  You’re probably asking yourself, ‘why did I buy that?’ You bought it because most mats are either too boring or too cheesy. Let’s make a custom welcome mat thats just right for your front entrance. 


Step One
Start with a plain, solid-colored mat. I picked up the Ikea Trampa mat for $9, you can find similar mats all over from Target to Home Depot. 


Step Two
After running through a few design ideas, I landed on a simple hi / bye theme – a welcome and farewell in one. Print and cut out your chosen design.  I printed ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ using Helvetica, 400 pt.

TIP: Print on heavy card stock to prevent any curling the paint may cause, or use cardboard for the stencil. From there, I cut each letter out, making sure to stay within the lines and saving any inside pieces, such as the middle of the b.


Step Three
Next, use tape to secure the stencil onto the mat.  Cover any part of the mat not getting stenciled.


Step Four
Lastly, grab your favorite color spray paint and carefully mist a few coats, letting it dry between coats.  I chose a flat black spray paint and gave it a good 3 coats.


Step Five
Let dry, and carefully remove stencil and tape.  Add a few planters with bright colored flowers around the front step and you’ve transformed your entrance into a truly welcoming space.

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