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Do you remember wishing you were a Jetson as a little kid? From super sonic sports to food robots, you may remember “the family of the future” using far-out looking gadgets to automate mundane tasks and transform daily life. We have come a long way since then, some of those appliances have been created and are part of our daily lives, like sliding doors and 3G video calling. Be the first on your block to upgrade with current tech gadgets that are designed to simplify tasks, make better use of resources and seamlessly combine the digital and the physical. All to keep you connected, with the home in mind. 


 Remote-Controlled Window Blinds 

Control the light and privacy in your home with the touch of a button. These smart blinds can be set on a timer, enabling you to make your house look occupied, even when you're not there. Remote-controlled blinds also offer a simple solution to unsightly, messy cords, bringing safety and style to your home. 


Parrot Pot 

How many times have you gone on vacation and forgot to tell the neighbor to water your plants? Not anymore, the intelligent automatic watering system encourages growth while optimizing water efficiency, holding enough water for three months and measures factors like ambient light, temperature, soil moisture, and fertilizer. So even if you don't have a particularly green thumb, this attractive pot should make it easy to keep some plants around your home, available on Amazon


Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting

Philips hue signals a new era in home lighting both in the way we think about and experience light in our homes. These wireless lights allow you to create and control light using a smartphone or tablet. Planning a romantic dinner for your special night? Dim the lights and create the perfect ambiance. 


MakerBot Digitizer 

The MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner utilizes MultiScan Technology to scan small objects from multiple angles to create it’s 3D model. Versatile and powerful 3D modeling software easily captures watertight models and makes changes with ease, whether you’re scanning natural objects or action figures.


Amazon Echo

Far are we from the days that cell phones were used for "emergencies only." Phones are now used and relied on everyday for nearly anything, but to make it even easier Amazon has created Echo, a device that essentially turns turns your home into a smart home. Amazon Echo connects to Alexa, a cloud-based voice service, to provide information, answer questions, play music, check sports and more. Echo is always on and hands-free, working with devices such as lights and fans. Command your home with the Amazon Echo



Husqvarna Automower 265 ACX

This sensor-equipped lawn mower, akin to the Roomba vacuum cleaner, cuts your grass with precision and is so quiet, it can be used night or day. Comes complete with security functions and obstacle detection.


LG Smart 3D HD TV

While the people on TV aren't popping out of the screen to chat with you—yet—tech companies are making strides to bring 3D into the average home. Easy set up, crisp sound and excellent picture, the 65-inch from LG is available at Best Buy .



The Sengled Snap is a light fixture that doubles as a security system. These high tech bulbs pack a lot of power.  Outoor rated for year-round use, Snap has a motion sensor, microphone, wireless camera and facial recognition software programmed in. 



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