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Meet Gary Black, Adamo Business Development Manager of Southern Colorado

May 28, 2014

Our newest member to the Adamo team is a long time resident of Southern Colorado. His 30 year expertise in homebuilding, executive sales, marketing and non-profit funding makes for a perfect fit as our Business Development Manager for Southern Colorado.

We thought what better way for you all to get to know Gary, then to have a Q&A with him. Here are the questions we asked Gary, and here’s what he had to say. For the full scoop on Gary, please take a look at his LinkedIn profile here.

Q & A with Gary Black

    1. What is your role at Adamo Homes, and what will you be doing as part of the team?
      I am the Business Development Manager of Southern Colorado. My main role, and my passion, is to bring the right relationships together and to see people’s dreams fulfilled. So I work to create and maintain such relationships with community driven, top-of-the-class real estate brokers, home builders, land developers and home buyers.
    2. Tell us a little bit about what you were doing before joining Adamo.
      I was part of an amazing company called House Hydrant Systems (www.househydrant.com). House Hydrant is an automated system for the outside of your home, or any other structure, that creates a “Micro-Climate” around your home/business/barn/warehouse to protect it from wildfires. The CEO and Founder of Adamo Homes is an investor in this system and we are offering a House Hydrant System for all Adamo homes when requested.
    3. How did you first hear about Adamo Homes?
      A business associate introduced me to Dean Amann. His wife Teresa worked for Dean back in Chicago and felt the two of us should meet. As they say, “The rest is history”!
    4. What made you want to join the Adamo team?
      Firstly, the people – the founder, partners and every team member are absolutely amazing. They lead and end with integrity, and they build their homes the same way. Secondly, they have a fresh perspective on homebuilding that always has the consumer in mind. I have never seen such a consumer centric focus in this industry.
    5. What do you think makes Adamo different from the other builders out there?
      Small batch, period. Adamo’s philosophy reflects the current thinking of the American consumer with their desire for small batch wines, food, etc. Small batch is the buzzword for Baby Boomers, who have worked very hard for what they have. Boomers want to spend in a more deliberate way on the finer things in life – less is more. Adamo Homes is a unique and timely answer for the Active Adult buyer.
    6. We talk a lot about "Small Batch Homebuilding™," but what does that phrase mean to you?
      Small Batch is gourmet – perfect taste, perfect size.
    7. What are you most looking forward to about working at Adamo?
      I grew up in a developer/real-estate household; my family was the largest single developer in Colorado Springs for a few years. I feel the same energy with Adamo. Our CEO Dean Amann, founding partner Mil Younkers and the rest of the Adamo team have the experience in homebuilding, the ability to understand the needs of the consumer, and the expertise and humility to make it all work. It is refreshing to find men and women that always put others first and listen to what people want and need.
    8. What is your favorite detail about an Adamo Home?
      Adamo builds houses that our consumers want to call home. The home is build to their needs in established communities.
    9. What is your favorite Adamo story so far?
      A few since I have been on board but all centered around the same subject. When customers are unsure or curious about a part of the building process, our Founder himself will step in to discuss their concerns – every time. Amazing!
Dean and Gary at the Adamo office.
Dean and Gary at the Adamo office.

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