Small Batch Homebuilding™ is the way homebuilding started – local builders constructing fixed quantities of high-quality homes for discerning buyers who appreciate true craftsmanship. We build in small batches because it allows us to spend more time on the important details that make your home extra special.


If you envision a grander, more personalized home, or perhaps you have a unique parcel of land that begs for a custom solution, then an Adamo Personal Batch home might be right for you.


Small Batch grew out of a vision for a home building company that would create a home that was personal; renovation naturally followed out of a passion to inspire homeowners to fall in love with their homes.


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Meet Mil Younkers, Co-Founder of Adamo Homes!

Meet the Builder: Mil Younkers

Meet Mil Younkers, founding partner of Adamo Homes.

Brittany Baker 10 Apr. 18

Dean Amann, co-founder of Adamo Homes, and Alicyn Amann.

Meet the Builder: Dean Amann

Meet Dean Amann, founding partner and owner of Adamo Homes.

Brittany Baker 9 Nov. 17

Cottonwood Trail is a great winter walk or ride near The Farm in Colorado Springs.

Enjoy Northern Colorado Springs With The Cottonwood Creek Trail Hike

Hiking and bike riding are Coloradan pastimes, and the Cottonwood Creek Trail offers a great chance for just about anyone to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The path is just under 4 miles in length and runs ...

13 Dec. 16

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